Braniewo Chmielone na zimno


Braniewo Chmielone na Zimno is a part of an unique category of dry-hopped beers. It is a lager with an intensive hop aroma but without stronger bitterish taste


Available packages

  • Non-returnable bottle 0,5l

Alcohol content

5,4% vol.


Braniewo Chmielone na zimno is another variant of Braniewo brand which is brewed and bottled in Braniewo Brewery. Due to long tradition and brewery credentials it is described as a legend of Warmia & Mazury. The brewery is located in the region of the cleanest air in Poland and it uses oligocene water out of its own intake.

Proces chmielenia na zimno jest rzadko stosowany przez Browary w Polsce, ponieważ wymaga kunsztu, perfekcji i wieloletniego doświadczenia w warzeniu piwa.

Co wyróżnia piwo Braniewo Chmielone na zimno?


In the course of brewing Braniewo Chmielone na Zimno  is triple hopped with three different kinds of hops:

  • bitterish  Magnum
  • aromatic Perle
  • aromatic Spalter Select

However in the course of maturation our beer is dry -hopped with an additional dose of aromatic Spalter Select hop. Thanks to this operation, the beer is gaining fresh hop aroma without increasing bitterish taste.


Thanks to dry-hopping and carefully selected hop kinds, our beer features complex and brisk scent of fresh hop after opening. Braniewo Chmielone na zimno  differs from other beers widely available on the market of lder smakiem- no additional bitterness and intense aroma of fresh hops.


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