4 medals for Namyslow Brewery beers!

This is the third year in a row Namyslow Brewery have left their competitors behind at the only one in Poland competition where beers are evaluated in fact by competitors. ...»

Ginger temptation

Wraz z początkiem jesieni Browar Namysłów oferuje swoim konsumentom piwo smakowe IMBIR w nowej, niezwykle atrakcyjnej puszce. IMBIR to wyśmienite, orzeźwiające piwo o imbirowym smaku i aromacie, idealne na chłodne jesienne wieczory czy zimowe dni. ...»

New Premium brand

This season Namyslow Brewery developes its offer on new Premium brand. TWO AXES – full lager beer, exceptional product from Premium category was launched in June. ...»

Malina and Plum on the cover!

The information about new layouts and medals for Plum and Malina beers has appeared on the cover of prestigious monthly magazine „Rynki Alkoholowe” where there is also more information about our flavoured lagers. ...»

New layouts of Malina and Plum!

In spring two flavoured lagers of Namyslow Brewery in refreshed cans are launching into the market: PLUM - a blend of subtle plum flavour and gentle bitterness of excellent light lager. ...»
Namyslow korona

Nasze marki

  • Namyslow Pils bottle
  • Namyslow Niepasteryzowane
  • Namyslow Biale Pszeniczne
  • Namyslow Ciemne Typu Irlandzkiego
  • Braniewo butelka
  • Braniewo Chmielone na zimno butelka
  • Zamkowe jasne butelka
  • Zamkowe export butelka
  • Zloty Denar Chmielowy butelka
  • Zloty Denar Jasne puszka
  • Zloty Denar Mocne puszka
Namyslow Pils butelka
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